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Tips and tricks to help you with learning new vocabulary in the English language

Learning tricks and tips to help remember new vocabulary

The English language as so many words to learn let alone understand them. Thankfully there are some tips and tricks to help you learn new words, what they mean and also remember them.

Make learning new vocabulary fun and easy

Remember that learning English language is meant to be fun and having enjoyment while you are learning it. Try not to make it like a job or hard for yourself

1 Read as much as you can

A great way to learn new words is by reading. You can read anything you want, books, magazines, newspapers, and anything on the internet.   When you come across a word you don’t understand use a dictionary.

2 Thesaurus dictionaries

Try looking up words that you know, by doing this you will learn words that you can use in its place. This will really help you to expand your vocabulary. Try and study 10 words a week this will increase your knowledge of new words very quickly.

3 Use a dictionary

A good dictionary is a must when you learning and understanding new words. Try and study 20 words a week. You should not read the dictionary the same as a book from the first page to the last, but as tool to help you learn and understand new words.

4 Play word games

A great and fun way to learn new words is to play word games like Scrabble and Boggle. They are a great way to practise your vocabulary and also learn new vocabulary in a  fun way.

5 Buy a Notebook

When it is possible keep a notebook with you so you can write down any new word you hear or read. By writing words down you will be able to look up their meaning at a later time

6 Draw pictures 

By drawing pictures for words they help you understand the meaning of the word, and help you remember them. Your brain can catch and understand visual information very quickly. Try make the pictures funny or colourful.

7 Create word lists

Start creating word lists for yourself this also will help you learn and remember new words. Make a list of words that have the same meaning, start with the same letter. Try and look at these word lists as often as you can to refresh.

8 Use new words as often as you can

When you learn new words use them often. This will help you remember them. Try and use your new words in your conversations.

9 Always practice new words that are difficult

Any new words that you find difficult to say practise saying the word aloud till you get it right. This helps you retain the word in your mind and also remember it.

10 Make word webs / mind maps

Write a word or a sentence in the middle of some paper and then draw a line from it and write a word / words or a picture that you think of when you think or say the word in the middle of the page. 

11 Learn the opposites or words that mean the same

When you learn new words learn what the opposite meanings is or words that mean the same.

12 more tips for learning English

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Word webs for learning English

Using word webs / mind maps to help you learn new words

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