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Learning the difference between autumn and fall English lesson

What is the difference between autumn and fall?

Autumn is used in British English and Fall is used in American English.

Did England not once use the word Fall?

Yes, at first it was called harvest to reflect the time when farmers would gather their crops for winter storage. In the early 1600s as a lot more people started moving into cities, the word harvest fell out of use. Instead, city dwellers began to use the phrase "fall of the leaf" which they referred to the third season of the year when trees lose their leaves. This would be later shortened to fall

Where does the word Fall come from?

The word "fall" comes from the Old English word feallan which means "to fall or to die." Over a period of time, the phrase was shortened to fall.

So where did the word autumn come from?

No one is sure where the word "autumn" comes from. It is said it was used as far back at the 1300s Shakespeare used the word, when a character describes the cycle of the year, "The spring, the summer, the childing autumn, angry winter." from 'midsummer night's dream'.

As English language spread to the New World, the common season names split as well. The use of the word "fall" fell out of favour in England. Today, American English uses the word "fall" while British English uses "autumn".

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