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Learning how to do currency exchange and exchange money at English Banks and post offices

What will I learn from the English lesson banks and currency exchange learning how to exchange money?

During this lesson you will learn how to go into a bank and and ask to exchange money..

If you are planning to travel to England for holiday, then you will not have to open up  a bank account. All you have to do is find a hight street bank and ask the lady or man at the information desk. When you are at the desk you can ask the following questions to the bank assistant. 

How to answer questions in a bank or post office

Does this bank  exchange foreign currency?
Good morning, I am hoping you can help me. Do you exchange foreign currency?
What is your exchange rate for the Thai baht?
Can you tell me what the exchange rate for the Euro?

Will I able exchange foreign currency at this post office?
Can I cash my traveller's checks here?
Will this bank let me cash my travellers checks?

Some answers to the questions above

Yes, you can exchange your money here.
We can exchange to your currency.
Only out main banks on the hight streets can exchange travellers checks. 
The exchange rate for Thai Baht is  1 pound for every Thai baht.
I would like to exchange 10,000 Baht please.
10,000 Baht at the current exchange rate of 49 baht to every pound  is two hundred and four pounds and eight pence. Here is your cash.

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