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Learning shapes triangles, circles, polygons and quadrilaterals English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson shapes?

During the first part of the  English lesson you will learn the names for the following shapes  triangles, circles, polygons and  quadrilaterals. You will also learn the names for the parts that  make up a circles. The last part of the lesson explains about each shape.  


Learning about shapes

Shapes and a brief explanation 







  Scalene triangle

  Equilateral triangle      

  Isosceles triangle

  Right triangle





   Has 4 equal sides

   Have 4 right angles. Unequal sides unlike a square           

   Only one pair of parallel sides

   Only the opposite sides and angles are equal

   No sides parallel

   No two sides of are of equal length

   A three sided polygon

   Has 2 equal sides

   Triangle with a right angle.

   5 sides and angles

   6 sides and angles

   8 sides and angles 


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