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English lesson about Emotion and anger 

What will I learn from the English lesson emotion and anger?

During this lesson you will learn how to talk about anger in a sentence. The first part of the lesson explains what anger. After the lessons shows several examples of how to show anger in a sentence. 


What does anger mean?anger English lesson

Anger means you have a feeling of annoyance or displeasure.

Example: John was very angry with Deborah.


Different ways people can be angry

There are many ways someone can get angry. Below is a list of sentence that show the different ways people can be angry.

Examples of how to use in a sentence

I am so annoyed. Jason has just stabbed me in the back I cant believe it!

What was Sarah thinking! I thought she was my friend.

I really do not know what I'm going to do when I see him. I found out that he as  been seeing my girlfriend behind my back.

Jane is trying to date my ex-boyfriend. I am really upset about this. She knows I still have feelings for him.

When I think about Peter, I get so angry. He treats his friends really bad I have no time for him at all.

I still can not believe he was talking behind my back like that. Whenever he see's me he is so nice and  acts like we are best friends.

Jason borrowed my car and it came back with the wing mirror missing. He says he did not do it, but  I am never going to trust him again.

I told Sarah a secret and made sure she never tells anyone else . The next day, I heard it from two different people and some wrote about it on Facebook. I was so angry with her.

Print the lesson onto some paperangry English lesson

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