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Tertiary colours - colors and learning what they are English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson tertiary colours?

To start the lesson is a brief explanation of the difference between colour and color. The next part of the lesson explains how the tertiary colours are made and how to easily remember what they are.

colour or color?

Colour and color are different spellings of the same word. Colour is used in English and in most English speaking places, and colour is preferred in American English.

Learning Tertiary Colours


The tertiary colours

The tertiary colours. are made from combining the primary and  secondary colours into equal parts.

A good way to remember the names is to place the primary name before the other colour.

For example primary red before the tertiary colour then the secondary colour. Doing this you will be able to name every tertiary colour easily.

So the  when mixing the primary colour red with the secondary colour purple, the tertiary colour produced is called 'red-purple'.




What are the 6 tertiary colours?







Video showing the primary  secondary and tertiary colours

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