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Eating and cleaning up learning English

What will I learn from the English lesson eating and cleaning up?

During this English lesson you will learn about what to say during and after a meal. The lessons covers general conversation questions and how to answer them.

General questions about eating and offering to clean the dishes

I like to pray before eating do you mind?
That chicken was really tasty. Do you have the recipe?
Please can you pass me the salt and pepper please?
What sort of dessert do you like?
I will help you clear the table when we have eaten?
There is plenty of food left over would you like to take some home?

How to answer the questions above

No not at all I live to pray as well.
I don't normally pray before eating, but I don't mind if you do.

My Mother give me recipe I will let you have a copy.
I got the recipe from a book. Do you want to make a copy?.

Here you are.

Dessert sounds good what have you made.
No thank you, I have eaten to much.

Thanks, for helping me clear the table it was a big help.
Thanks, you can just put the dishes on the sink.

That would be great, if I can have some leftovers that food was really tasty.
No thanks. You save it for your self and your family you will be able to eat it tomorrow.

What to say after eating.

Thank you for a dinner it was a lovely meal.
Thank you for your help clearing the table.
Thank you that meal was so delicious.
That meal was great am so full.
Thanks Sarah for inviting me to dinner I have really enjoyed it.
Thanks for coming dinner it been a lovely evening.
We must do this more often.

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