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Ordering drinks in a bar English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson ordering drinks in a bar?

During this lesson you will learn to go to an English bar and ordering drinks. The last part of the lesson is about paying using with a credit card and learning what an open card is.

When you are inside a bar, you can walk up to the bar (counter) and order your drinks. Some bars will have a waiter / waitress who come to your table.

Ordering your drink by name and quantity.

Can I have 5 bottles of Stella please.
I'll take a single shot of whiskey please.
Give me 3 shots of vodka please.
I'll have one beer and  glass of Coke please.

After ordering the bartender will tell you how much to you have to pay

That will be £17.30 please.

That comes to  £7.10 please.

If you pay with cash, then most times you will receive change. It is up to you if you want to tip it is considered to be polite. If you pay using a visa card, they they might ask if you want to leave it open.

Can I pay using my visa card please?

What does leaving it open mean?

Leaving it open means that you keep your credit card open this is because if you want to order more drinks, you will get one bill instead having to keep using your credit card several times. 

Do you want us to keep your card open?

Asking them to keep it open

Can you keep my card open?

When you have kept your credit card open, the more drinks that you order will go straight onto your credit card. When you finished you can just ask them to for your bill.

Hello, can I get my bill please?

When the bartender has your credit card, all you have to do is go up to the counter and say:

I want to close and pay my tab please.

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