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Tomorrows plan is I am going to learning English lesson 

What will I learn from the English lesson tomorrows plan I am going to...?

During this English lesson you will learning about how to say what you are going to do tomorrow using future tense. The lesson is about talking about what you are going to do tomorrow and does not go in to detail about future tense. Click on the link for the lesson Learning simple future tense English lesson 

We often talk about the future when we are doing something that is done quite often. This could be talking about dreams or just saying what we are to do tomorrow. All this is spoken using the future tense. 

When using future tense we can use 'I am', but what words that follow are important in making it future tense.

I'm going to play football on Saturday
I'm going to meet Sarah at the Movies at 3 0 0'clock this afternoon
I'm going to go to the supermarket in an half an hour.
I'm going to go to the train station right after work.
I'm going to do that painting tonight

When using 'going to' after 'I am' it is important that a future indicator is present.

If you say, 'I am going to meet Sarah, this is present tense, But by adding a future indicator such as 'at 1 0 ' clock this afternoon' this makes it future tense.

Some other future tense indicators you can use are:-

going to go
going to be
I will
I have to

Some Examples using these:-

I'm going get really told off, if I don't finish my school project by Friday.
I'm going to go to the football match next week
I will (I'll) phone you at six o'clock
I can't go to the party tonight because I have to work late doing a stock take.

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