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Checking in at the airport counter learning English airport lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson checking in at the airport?

This lesson you will learn how to check your luggage at the airport. There are example of questions you are likely to get asked and how you can answer the questions. The last part of the lesson how to ask for a seat near the window, aisle and emergency  exit.

Arriving at the airport and checking in

When you arrive at the checking in counter, you will be asked to give them your boarding ticket as well as your passport. 

Are you traveling alone?
Who else is traveling with you?
How many are traveling with you today?
Is it just you three traveling today?

All airports will ask various question to ask you. 

Did anyone you do not know ask you to take any items on to the plane for them?
Have you had possession of all your luggage since you packed your bags?
Have you left your luggage unattended at anytime in the airport?
Do you have any weapons or firearms in your luggage?
Do you have any flammable material?
Is there any food items that are perishable?

What to do if you don't understand them person

If you don't understand, ask them to repeat as a wrong answer can lead to problems.

How many bags are you checking in?
Do you have a hand bag? ( A bag you take on the plane with you)

Can you place your first bag on here please?

How many hand bags are you taking with you?

After all the bags and tickets have been checked they will ask you:

Which seat do you prefer a window or aisle?

If they are out of window seats, they will ask you if  aisle seat is ok.

There are not any window seats left. Is a window seat ok.  or would you prefer a aisle seat?

If you want to be near the emergency exit. You can also ask for the seat next to the emergency.

I want seat that is next to the emergency exit please?

I would like a seat that is closest to the emergency exit please?

Am sorry, but all he seats near the exit have already been taken. We have some seats 3 rows back. Would you like that one?

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