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Airport departing date learning English holidays

What I learn from the English lesson airport departing date?

During this English lesson you will learn how to change your aeroplane using an open ended ticket or original ticket. The lesson also questions the airline company will ask you.

Reserving your date for departing or altering your departure date

When you have an open ended aeroplane ticket or just want to alter your departing date, you will have to telephone the aeroplane company.


I have an open ended ticket and now I would like to book my departure date please.
I have a my open ended ticket I would like to  schedule my departure date.

I was originally scheduled for departing on 4th  of August. Is it possible to change it to a later date?
I bought a air ticket that departs on the 4th  of August. I need to change it to an  earlier flight.

what date do you want to depart.

Below is some questions they will ask you

Which date would you like it changing to?

What date would you like it changing to?
Which date do you want to depart?

Selecting a date to depart.

I would like to leave on the 10th of July.
Is the 10th of July available?
Please can you check to if the 10th of July is possible?
I want to reserve a seat for the 10th of July.

Selecting a date or choosing a date closest to the date you wanted

Yes. We have twelve seats left for the 4th  of August. Would you like me to reserve them?
On the 4th  of August, the departure time is 2:20pm. Shall I reserve them?
We have another flight that is departing on same date. Would time would you  like to depart at 5am or 5pm?

I'm sorry, but all the available seats are taken the 4th  of August. Should I put you on the waiting list?
I'm sorry, there are no departures for the 4th  of August. We have a flight leaving on the 5th and the 6th. are any of these dates OK for you?
The the 4th of August is full. The next available flight is on the 6th  of August. I can reserve a seat for this date.?

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