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Internet English lesson talking about the internet

What will I learn from the English lesson talking about the internet?

During this English lesson you will learn what the internet is used for. The rest of the lesson shows examples of how to ask questions about the internet.

What is the internet?

The internet is known as the world wide web (www.) that you can connect to using your computer. The internet contains a vast amounts of information that you can access using a computer, laptop or phone. People use the internet for all sort of things from doing research for homework, work or just using it for pleasure.

What questions might I get asked when talking about the internet?

After the questions is a couple of answers for each question

Will I need to buy a virus protection for my computer?

  1. Yes you should definitely get some virus protection. You lose a lot of valuable data like photos and music if you get a virus.
  2. Yes, that is a good idea. Only last month my computer got a virus and I had to take it to a computer shop to get fixed.

Can you tell me where I can buy virus protection for my laptop computer?

  1. There are many good ones that you can try for free.do you want me to come over and help you download one of them.
  2. I know of a few online. They cost money but are worth it.

I need to  download music over the internet, how to I do it?

  1. You can. There are a few sites to use for downloading music.
  2. Downloading music is great! You can find just about anything but you do have to pay for them.

I'm really worried about shopping on the internet can you tell me if it's  safe to shop using the internet?

  1. The first thing you should so when shopping online is use a reputable site if you are not sure of the site it's best not to use it.
  2. I don't like using my credit card when buying things over the internet I prefer paypal.

My internet seems to be running really slow do you know why?

  1. Try phoning your internet provider to see if there are any problems with your line or in your area.
  2. Depending on the time of the day it can seem slow, peak time is night-time.

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