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Email English lesson how to ask for information in an email

What will I learn from the English lesson how to ask for information in an email?

During this English lesson you will be learning how to ask someone for information in an email and what to say when you get an error when sending an email.

How to request information through email

John can you send the information to my email address please?
You can send it to me through email.
Can you email the the quote to me?

Is it possible to email it to you?
I send you the information through email if you have an email address?

Errors when sending a email when an address does not exist

sometimes when you send an email to an email address that doesn't exist or you have mistyped, you will receive an automated email saying that your mail was not delivered.

What to do or say when you get the error email

Please can I verify your email address? The address I have seems to be incorrect.
I was unable to email the information to you. Please can you give me your email address again?
I keep getting a email saying it is undeliverable to that address. I not sure if I have misspelled it. Do you mind giving me your email address again?

The email address I have sent it to was easypacelearning@live.co.uk. Is that the correct address?
This morning I sent the email to easypacelearning@live.co.uk. Did you receive the email?

That's the wrong email address. My email address is easypacelearning@live.co.uk.
Sorry I have must have miss typed  I sent it to easylearning@live.co.uk. I will resend it straight away.

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