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Email English lesson how to ask for an email

What will I learn from the English lesson how to ask for an email?

During this English lesson you will be learning what an email is and how to ask someone for there email and telling someone what your email address is.

What is an email?

Email is short for electronic mail. An email is just the same as a letter, only it is sent using the internet. Email is a very important part of daily part in a business day or for personal use. A lot of people in everyday life use emails to communicate with family or friends and every company sends many emails every day as a very quick way to communicate quickly with other people

Examples of asking someone for there email address.

Please can you give me your email address?
What is your email address please?
Do you have an email account, if so I can send you the information you need?

Giving someone your email address

My email address is easypacelearning at live dot co dot UK (easypacelearning@live.co.uk).
It is easypacelearning at live dot co dot UK (easypacelearning@live.co.uk).

Asking another person if they have another persons email

Do you have Mrs Smith's email address?
What was Mr Jones email address again I forgot to write it down?

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