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Offering a drink English lesson

What will I learn from the Offering a drink English lesson?

This lesson you will learn how to offer a drink politely and how to accept a drink politely. The last part of the lesson is a short conversation between two people.

Polite ways you can ask someone if they want a drink

  1. Do you want a drink of grape juice? = yes, please.
  2. Do you want a glass of water?  = No, thank you.
  3. Would you like a drink of coffee? Yes, please that would be great.
  4. Would you like a glass of juice? = No thanks I just had a drink
  5. Can I get you something to drink? Yes please, I would like a cup of coffee.
  6. Can I get you a glass of pure orange juice? No, thanks I don’t like pure orange juice
  7. Could I get you something to drink while am in the kitchen? A glass of water please.
  8. Could I get you a glass of wine?  Yes that will be lovely.
  9. Do you want something to drink while you wait? No thanks the taxi will be here in a minute.
  10. Do you want some more apple juice? Please , am really thirsty
  11. Would you like me to get you something to drink? A glass of juice or water would be nice.
  12. Would you like some of green tea? I would love a cup thanks.

A conversation between two friends

What is the conversation about?

Mrs Jones invited her friend Mrs Smith round to her house for a chat; on arriving she asks her if she would like a drink . . .

Mrs Jones: - Hello Mrs smith it is lovely to see you again would you like something to drink?

Mrs Smith: - Yes, thank you that would be nice.

Mrs Jones: - What would you like to drink?

Mrs Smith: - water or any kind of juice will be fine, thank you.

Mrs Jones: - I have some pure orange juice, apple juice, and grape juice?

Mrs Smith: - Well; only if it's not too much trouble, grape juice would be really nice

Mrs Jones: - it’s no trouble at all I went shopping this morning and bought plenty. Wait a moment. I'll be back as soon as possible.

Mrs Jones: - Here you are. I have put some ice cubes in for you as well.

Mrs Smith: - Thank you very much.

Mrs Jones: - Please let me know if you want another glass.

Mrs Smith: - Thank you. That was really good, where did you buy it from?

Mrs Jones: - You're quite welcome. I went shopping at the local supermarket they had a special pffer on so I bought four cartoons as the weather is hot.

Mrs Jones: - I will give you one as a present to take home with you.

Mrs Smith: - Thank you so much. You’re very kind.

Mrs Jones: - Oh, think nothing of it we have been friends many years.