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Learning prepostions In, on, at English lesson

What will I learn from the ‘in on at’ English lesson

During this English lesson you will learn how to use the words ‘in on at’ in sentences correctly. The last part of the lesson is an exercise using in on at.

How to use the word in

In: - is used when spaces that have limitations.

In: - Use "in" for enclosed areas.

In: - Use "in" when describing, names of cities, towns, counties, countries; years, months, days, and specific weeks.

In: - Use "in" for enclosed spaces. This applies to both physical space and time.


We have not spoken in days.

I read about David Beckham in an article

How to use the word on

On: - Used for surfaces.

On: - Use on for spaces within a larger area.

On: - Use "on" for surfaces. This applies to both physical space and time.

On: - Use "on" with: street names, days of the week, dates, specific time frames, and holidays


We got there just on time for the show

We live on Oxford Street in London (notice in is used as well)

How to use the word at

At: - Use "at" when talking about locations this also applies to both physical space and time.

At: - Use when talking about locations.

At: - Use when describing: street names and numbers, specific times, locations that are not in view when speaking.


We were at Mr Bean’s house.

We live at number 3 Oxford Street London

More examples with explanations

Mrs Bean was in bed very early as she was tired

Noticed we said "in bed" even though "bed" is a surface.

When do you use on the bed?

You say "on the bed" when you are using the bed for something else other than sleeping.

Mrs Bean was sitting on the bed reading a magazine. (Bed is thought of as surface when used as a seat)

Mr Bean is still in bed. Bed is an enclosed area when it is being used just for sleeping

The students are sitting at the tables waiting for their English teacher. Table is the location

The students are sitting on the tables.  Table is the surface

Practicing how to use a, the, so, that, who, too English lesson

What will I be learning from this exercise?

During this exercise you will learn how to use the following words, ‘in on at’ to complete the sentences.

What is the Exercise about?

The Exercise is a list of made up sentences about things that are likely to happen in everyday life. Copy and write the sentences and insert the answers in the blank spaces, if you are struggling say the sentences aloud to see if it sounds correct.


** Hint ** Some Questions can have more than one answer

Use the following words to complete the sentences: in on at

  1. I like sugar ______ my coffee, but only a little. 
  2. Mrs Bean is ______ the Doctors.
  3. We are going on holiday ______ Saturday. 
  4. How much salt did you put ______ my soup? 
  5. Mr and Mrs Bean get ______ the train every day ______ six so they can get to work early. 
  6. The appointment is ______ Thursday ______ eight ______ the morning. 
  7. They live ______ a small village ______ the south west part of the country.
  8. The boys went swimming ______ the lake. 
  9. Did you know that there is a lot of life ______ the bottom of the sea? 
  10. Where’s is Mrs Bean? Mrs Bean ______ the hairdressers. 
  11. They are sitting ______ a table ______ some really comfortable chairs. 
  12. Mrs Jones and Mrs Bean were ______ a boat when they saw some dolphins. 
  13. The dolphins stayed ______ the surface for a long time it was lovely. 
  14. I like to sing to songs I like ______ the radio while am working. on
  15. They thought they were going to be late, but we managed to get there just ______ time for the start of the show.
  16. Sally was walking ______ the beach when suddenly she decided to go ______ the water. 
  17. My wife bought a couple of really good ties for my suits. They were ______ sale ______ a really low price. 
  18. My Children like whipped cream ______ there strawberries? 
  19. Mr and Mrs Bean were sitting ______ the bed talking for a little while after getting ready. 
  20. You better take your umbrella with you______ case it rains. 
  21. All the students must stand up ______ a line. 
  22. Mr Bean bought some gardening tools ___ a really good price. We put the small tools___ a box __ the shelf and the large ones ____ hooks.
  23. Have you been working long ______ this website? 
  24. You have been working ______ this website since seven o’clock. 
  25. The cooking recipe was ______ an article ______ the internet. i
  26. Mrs Bean likes posting messages again ______ Easy Pace Learning forum ______ the internet. 
  27. We haven’t spoken to him ______ a few days. He said he’d call ______ a few days. 
  28. Am sure that there are other forms of intelligent life ______ other planets ______ the universe is so big. 
  29. Let’s go for a ride ______ the country ______ Saturday it will lovely. 
  30. The rest of the family will be back ______ about eight ______ the evening.
  31. We will be leaving early ______ the morning, and probably not be back until late ______ night. 
  32. The children recorded their voice ______ a cassette so they could hear it over and over again. 
  33. ______ the winter we have to wear boots so not to slip ______ the ice and fall ______ the fall and injury ourselves. 
  34. That man who did that is sick ______ the head. 
  35. What do you have ______ your mind for the children’s party? 
  36. Tell me again what do you have ________ mind for the office party? 

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