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Talking about the weather and conversation English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson talking about the weather?

During this lesson you will learn some common phrases that are used when talking about the weather. The last part of the lesson is a brief conversation between two people about the weather.

Why talking about the weather is popular

Talking about the weather is a popular subject in the UK and many other English-speaking countries around the world like talking about the weather. In the UK, you will often hear people talk about the weather a lot, more often than not in quite optimistic terms, even when the weather is bad.

Why talk about the weather?

If you visit the UK you will be able to listen to strangers talking in the local supermarket or at a train station or any other public places, you’ll notice that people will use the topic of weather to start a conversation, or just in general conversation.

Phrases that you might hear people saying about the weather

Lovely day!

It’s turned out nice again.

Terrible weather, isn’t it?

 Isn’t this weather miserable?

 Isn’t it cold today?

 I hear it’ll clear up later.

 It’s looking nice out today.

You will have noticed that we have added a question tag to end of some of weather sentences. By adding a question tag you are asking people to respond to your question, which might be ‘Yes, it is’, and now the conversation can progress from there

Common expressions about the weather that you are likely to hear

It’s chucking it (it’s raining very hard)

its tipping down (it’s raining very hard)

A conversation at the local market

Conversation about the weather?

Mr Bean goes to the local store to buy something to eat for is dinner he starts to make small talk about the weather with the owner of the store.

Mr Bean: - Good morning!

Shopkeeper: - Morning. How’s are you today?

Mr Bean: - Not so bad, thanks, you?

Shopkeeper: - Am good, apart from all this rain! It’s chucking down again!

Mr Bean: - Yes, it’s awful, isn’t it? And it is very cold!

Shopkeeper: - The weather forecast said it will brighten up after lunch.

Mr Bean: - They always say that! Still, I can’t complain it’s a lot warmer than back home.

Shopkeeper: - Really? Where are you from?

Mr Bean: - Am from Russia

 Shopkeeper: - What’s the weather like in Russia now?

Mr Bean: - Freezing cold, and snowing.

Shopkeeper: - Right! So this must be like summer for you!

Mr Bean: - Right! But I do like the snow sometimes.

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