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Supermarket shopping English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson English Supermarket and shopping?

During this lesson you will learn some of the more common vocabulary that is useful when shopping in the UK.  You will learn how to ask where certain items are in the store and questions about paying for your goods.

Going to the Supermarket you don’t have to speak sometimes

If you are staying in the UK, and need to buy food, then local supermarkets are a great place to do your food shopping. When going to a supermarket you don’t really need to speak to anyone if you don’t want to, as you can take the products you want off the supermarket shelves without asking anyone for help!

Sometimes you will have to ask for help if you cannot find the product that you are looking for or asking for the various ways to pay for your goods.

Phrases that will be useful when shopping

Have you got? = Have you got any toothpaste?

 Do you have? = Do you have any first aids kits?

Which aisle is the tooth paste in? (Aisle is the walk way between the shelves)

Can I pay using my visa credit card? = Using your credit card or bank card to pay for your goods.

Can I have a plastic bag to put my shopping in, please? = plastics bags used to carry your shopping in. Some supermarket’s you need to ask for plastic bags, most times you will not have to ask for them.

A conversation at the super market

What is the conversation about?

Mr Bean has been shopping in the local Tesco store and as chosen is goods and is now about to have a discussion with the checkout lady.

Checkout lady: - Hello, sir, welcome to Tesco how are you today.

Mr Bean: - Hello, am fine thanks and you.

Checkout lady: - Am fine thanks.  (The Checkout lady: - now totals Mr Bean’s goods he has chosen.)

Checkout lady: - Do you have a reward card?

Mr Bean: reward card am sorry I don’t understand.

Checkout lady: - Reward cards are for paying less in the future for your goods.

Checkout lady: - Do you want one?

Mr Bean: - No thanks, am only here on holiday.

Checkout lady: - Then that’s forty-eight pounds and sixty-three pence, please.

Mr Bean: - I think am going to need three plastic bags please?

Checkout lady: - OK, they’re three p each. Is that alright?

Mr Bean: - Sure, is it ok to pay using my visa credit card?

Checkout lady: - Yes, that will do just fine, just put your card through here, please.

Mr Bean: - Okay, Oh, the machine won’t accept my card. Maybe it is because my card is from Thailand?

Checkout lady: - That’s alright please don’t worry, it’s probably not chip and PIN. You can sign for your shopping. I’ll put your card through here. And here’s your receipt. Have a nice day!

Mr Bean: - Thank you.