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Practicing how to use a, the, so, that, who, too English lesson

What will I be learning from this exercise?

During this exercise you will learn how to use the following words , the, so, that, who, too, to complete the sentences.

What is the Exercise about?

The following exercise is a story about fox and a crow. The crow flies off with a piece of cheese and the fox called Master Reynard wants it back.


Use the following words to complete the text: a, the, so, that, who, too, it


_____ Fox and _____ Crow


_______ fox one morning saw  _______ crow fly off with  _______ large piece of pizza in its beak and land on  _______ nearest tree branch. “That should have been for me, as I am _______ cunning fox,” said Master Reynard. He slowly walked towards _______ tree. “Good morning, Ms. Crow,” he said with _______ big smile. “Today you look very beautiful and pretty. Your feathers are most attractive I have ever seen. Your eyes are _______ bright like the stars. I feel sure _______ you have _______ beautiful voice. Your figure is trim and better than all _______ other birds’ figures, and I’ll bet your voice is better than all _______ other birds’ voices. Please let me hear you sing _______ song, and I Promise ______  I will always call you _______ Princess of Birds.” _______ Crow lifted her head up high and began to sing as best as she could. _______ Moment she opened her mouth, _______ piece of pizza fell to _______ floor, and _______ Fox grabbed _______.  _______ will do, said _______ fox. _______ was all I wanted. In exchange for your cheese, I will give you _______ piece of advice for _______ future: Don’t trust people _______ flatter you _______ much.


The moral of the story don’t trust flatterers.

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Where are the answers to the exercise?

Try to finish the exercise without viewing the answers or use the forum, by using the forum you are also practicing your English.

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