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Salon - hairdressers learning English at the salon

What will I learn from the English lesson at the hairdressers?

During this lesson you will start learning what questions you might get asked when going to a salon. The last part of the lesson gives examples of how you can answer some of these questions.

At the salon

After arriving at the salon for your appointment you will get asked various questions and also you will want to ask some questions as well.

Hello, how are you today how do you want your hair cut?
What can we do for you?
What can I do for you?
Good afternoon, What did you want us to do with your hair today?

Did you book a  pedicure or a manicure?
After your hair do you want your nails done as well?
Do you have a nail polish colour in mind or do you want to choice one?

Do you want your hair cutting before your perm?
What colour do you want your hair colouring today?

So what colour are you thinking about for your hair?

Telling the hairdresser what you want

It is very important that you get what you want when you to the hairdresser. To be sure you get what you want the following sentences will help you get what you want.

I only want you to give my hair a trim.
I would like you to cut three inches off the length?
Can you cut 1 inch off the top of my hair then blend the sides in.
Please can you layer my hair?

I would like a tight perm please.
Can you colour my hair blonde am going to a wedding party tomorrow?

I want my nails done as well please.
A pedicure can i choose the shade of red nail polish please.

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