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Email sentences English lesson how to write general email sentences

What will I learn from the English lesson how to write general email sentences?

During this English lesson you will start learning about general email sentences that you can send. The last part of the lesson shows a simple message that you can use when setting up your mailing program for auto reply.

Hello Sarah, this is Jason. I have a finished the report for the marketing idea. should I email it to you?

We really need that information by eleven at the latest. Can you email it to me straight away?

The deadline passed over 30 minutes ago. Did you manage to send the quote to Mr jones?

I will send you a copy of the quote. Can you have a look and email it back to me as soon as possible please?

I have sent four emails asking if the final designs are OK. I have not received one reply yet.

Make sure you send an email to everyone in the team with your report. I want everyone kept in the loop.

I have to email the new manager the sales figures for last month. I will not be able to help you right now.

We all have to attend a meeting at 5:00 pm. I am going to send everyone attending a email to remind them. It is important that no one forgets.

If you can not find the right time to talk to the boss about your problem, you should email him?

As anyone read the email from the new manager? It's about the new sales targets he has set.

The General manager has sent out a email that tells us what our pay increase will be this year.

Going on holiday and setting auto reply

If you are going on holiday, a lot of mailing programs have an option in some mail programs to reply with a text message saying the what information you want you want. When you turn on auto reply in outlook or what ever mailing program you use, there is a text box where you can type in your message.

Auto email message

I will be on holiday from 4th of August till the !9th of August. I will be replying to some email, but not all. If you have something that is important, you can call my assistant manager on 121-123-121. For all other enquires call my secretary on 121 - 122 - 121 and ask for extension 12.

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