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Traveling to the UK for holidays English lesson 

English lesson travelling to the UK and holidays

This English lesson you will be learning how to board a flight to the UK while going on holiday or visiting family. What is the difference between fly, flew and flying. what you need for checking for a flight and also some useful words that are well worth knowing. you will also learn how to ask when a plane or other mode of transport is leaving  and finally how to buy tickets.

How to board a plane at an airport

Below is a brief conversation about Mr bean boarding a plane at london airport.

Clerk: Where are you going?

Mr Bean: to London.

Clerk: your ticket and passport please.

Clerk: How many bags do you have?

Mr Bean: two, a suitcase and a back pack.

Clerk: well, here is your boarding pass.

Mr Bean: what seat am I?

Clerk: seat 23A you will be leaving from gate D-12

Mr Bean:Thank you so much for your help.

Clerk: your welcome.

At the airport English lesson

What is the difference between fly / flew and flying when using a plane for transport?

Mr Bean will be flying to Manchester later today to meet Mrs Bean.

Yesterday Mrs Bean flew to Manchester early to meet some friends.

Mr Bean likes to fly to Manchester in business class.

Mr Bean will be flying to Paris with Mrs Bean later in the week. 

What you need for checking in for a flight

make sure to go to the correct desk for your tickets.

The man / lady at the desk will ask you for your passport and your plane tickets.

You will be ask to place your luggage onto the conveyor belt so they can be weighed.

You may ask to have a seat by the window or aisle seat.

The man or lady will then give you your boarding tickets and tell you when the plane is boarding.

When flying home or to another country some useful words that are worth remembering.English passport used for entry into another country 

Passport: Mr Bean always keeps is passport in a bag so it is safe when he is traverlling.


Luggage suitcase used for travelling

Luggage: When going on holiday Mrs Bean packs all the luggage to make sure that they are not to heavy. Suitcases, bags or anything that contains your personal belongings are all classed as luggage. 

Ticket: Mrs Bean always keeps her plane ticket with her passport at all times. There are many things that tickets are needed for when travelling such as Tickets that are used for traveling  bus,  boat and trains, other times you may need to order a ticket for other things which will be covered in another lesson. 

 Different types of tickets you need to know.

Single ticket (only goes one way): Mr Bean asked the lady at the travel agent for a single ticket to Paris.

Return ticket (includes the going and returning to the same destination): Mrs Bean had  a return ticket Thailand.

Words used when Buying a ticket

Fare is used to describe the cost of travelling on a any sort of transport.

Mrs Bean asked how much her return fare to Thailand would be.

Mr Bean asked the lady to repeat how much the single fare to Paris was.

Mrs Bean inquired how much the cost was to travel business class

Asking questions about time 

After booking your tickets you will need to know when the plane departs and when it will arrive.

Mr Smith asked the lady what time will the plane leave Manchester. 

Mrs Smith was told that the plane will be take off at 8pm.Click here to Learn how tell the time in English

Both examples can be used when asking if a plane is leaving.

How to ask when other types of transport are leaving.

For other transport such as, bus, coach, taxi, boat, tube and train you would ask when it is leaving.

train used for getting to other places

 Mr smith asked the conductor when the train would be leaving.  

 The train will be leaving from platform 3.


Taxi's can be used to get to many places

Mrs Smith stopped a taxi and asked how long would it take to get to the hotel. 

Mr Bean rang a local taxi company, and asked to be pick up at 6am so he would arrive at the train station in plenty of time.


Boat used for travel When will the next boat would be leaving

 what time will the boat / bus depart

bus used for traveling to work or visiting places

Mr bean asked is friend how long the journey was by bus.


Buying a ticket for a bus / coach

Good morning sir I'd would like to buy 2 tickets to Manchester, please.
would you like a single or return fare for your journey?
I would like a return, could you tell me how much the fare will be please?
Peak time the fare is £35, you can travel off-peak between 6pm and 6am it's only £25.00.
Can i book 2 seats to travel peak time for 2 people, Mr and Mrs Smith please
Yes, that will be £70.00 please and thank you for your custom.

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