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Ordering drinks at a table English lesson

How to order drinks at a table in a bar or restaurant

This lesson follows on from ordering at the bar only this lesson covers  sitting at a table in a bar.

During this English lesson you will start learning how to order drinks from a table in a bar. The lesson shows examples of they the waiter or waitress might ask you to asking for specials. The last part of the lesson shows examples of offering to buy a friend a drink if they have no money.

When sitting at a table in a waiter or waitress will come up to your table and ask you what you want to drink.

What the waiter / waitress will ask youOrdering drinks at a bar or restaurant

What drinks can I get you?
What drinks do you all want?
What drinks would you like ?
What will it be?
What drinks do you all want?

May I get you some drinks?

Asking for specials

Do you have any specials today?

And if the do, what they might say

We have a guest beer which is £2.00 a pint
Every day we have pitchers of any beer for £5.00.

Ordering more drinks

After drinking your first pints or shots or whatever drink, someone or yourself will want to buy another round of drinks.

Hint ** A round is someone buying drinks for everyone else. Normally everyone takes turns in buying drinks **

Is it  my round?

It's my round what's everyone having?

Who's round is it?

Thanks. I'll get the next round.

How to respond to the questions above

Yes, John it's your round!

Same again Gary 6 Stella's.

It's Peters round. 

What the waiter or waitress might say 

Do you all want the same drinks

Same thing?

'Five Stella's again?

Buying a friend or friends a beer if they have no money

Sometime when you are drinking with friends they might run out of money,. Below is examples of how to offer to buy a beer for them.

I'm going to get buy a drink. would you like another one?
Your a good friend let me buy you a beer.

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