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Telephone calls in English and common phrases you can use

Making a telephone call in English tips

Making phone calls in English can be more difficult than when you are talking to someone face to face. Why? When you are talking to someone face to face you can see the person's expressions or see what gestures they are making.

How to overcome these difficulties when making a telephone call

Prepare in and practice before making a phone call in English.

Make a list of some vocabulary and phrases you need to get the information that you need.

Don't be afraid to ask

Ask people to repeat themselves. 

Ask people speak more slowly. 

Phrases you can use for telephone calls

Hello. (informal)

Hi / hello this is Jane.

Thank you for calling Easy Pace Learning. Peter speaking how can I help you

Doctors office. Jane speaking.

May I speak to David Smith please. (formal)

Is John there please. (informal)

Can I speak to your brother. (informal)

Am calling about...... 

I'm returning your call.

One moment please. (formal)

Hang on a second. (informal)

She's not here. Would you like to leave a message?

Could you ask him to call me back?

Thanks for calling.

10 phrases you can use when making a telephone call

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Dictionary and how to use dictionaries

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