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A formal conversation between 3 people having lunch at the restaurant

Conversation between 3 people practicing talking very formally

3 friends called Jane, Leslie, and Mary are all having lunch at the restaurant. They have to give a presentation on etiquette rules  in the evening. So they are using their lunch time to practice by talking very formally to each other.

3 people having lunch at the restaurant conversation.

Jane: Leslie, may I borrow your cell phone to call my mother after we finish lunch?

Leslie: Yes, of course, Jane. And please, do not forget to ask your mother whether you may go to the movies with us afterwards.

Mary: Jane, could you pass the salt, please?

Jane: Sure, here you are.

Mary: And the pepper too, please. Thank you.

Jane: You are welcome.

Leslie: Would both of you mind if I stop by Marcus bookstore on our way to the movie?

Jane: No, not at all.

Mary: I would love to look at their New Book selection. So, I would like to stop there also.

Jane: Would both of you like to go shopping after the movie?

Leslie: Maybe some other time. I need to be home by 5:00 o’clock.

Mary: I can go with you if you want.

Jane: That would be great. I need to pick up a gift for my brother. His birthday is on Sunday next week. What would you recommend, Mary?

Mary: Just a moment please. Let me think. Maybe a fishing pole since he loves fishing?

Jane: What a clever suggestion! My brother will thank me for the lovely gift. I hope there is a fishing store in the mall.

Leslie: I ordered too many French fries. Would anybody care for some?

Jane: Yes, I would like some.

Leslie: How about you, Mary?

Mary: No, thank you. I have enough food already.

Jane: Leslie, would you like some of my fried rice?

Leslie: Yes, please. Just a little bit.

Jane: Here you go.

Leslie: Oh, that is enough! No more, please.

Jane: Mary, did you remember to bring my Harry Potter book?

Mary: Oh, I am sorry. I completely forgot about it. Could you call to remind me again tonight?

Jane: Certainly.

Leslie: If you do not mind, may I borrow the book after you are done with it?

Jane: I promised to let John borrow it after I get it back from Mary. You are welcome to have it once John is finished. John is a fast reader; he will finish it in no time.

Leslie: I, on the other hand, am a pretty slow reader. How long do you think I may keep it?

Jane: I already read it. So, you may keep it as long as you want. Give it back to me at your earliest convenience.

Leslie: Thank you, Jane. That will save me some money.

Mary: Are we all done? We should leave now to catch the next show; otherwise, we will be late.

Leslie: I am ready anytime you are.

Jane: So am I. Shall we go?

Expressions used in the conversation

Pass the salt, please

Here you are

Would you mind if

On our way to

I would be glad to

May be some other time

That would be great

What would you recommend?

Just a moment, please

A very clever suggestion

Would anybody care for some?


 A fast reader

A slow reader

Finish in no time

 On the other hand

At your earliest convenience

Catch a movie

So am I

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