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How to use English chat and talk

Why do I need to learn how to use English chat?

The reason this as been added is to help you understand how to use the chat feature . It is important that you understand how to add friends so you can practise your English with other people. 

**  Hint you need to invite other people to join **

Why invite friends and other to the English chat and talk

By inviting friends or other people to English chat to you will be able to practise using English with like minded people who want to learn English like yourself.

You can Invite me to be a friend

You are all welcome to invite me to be your friend and practise English with me. Please understand that I can't be available all the time so leave a comment or questions and I will reply to all. 

How to Invite friends

To be able to talk to other people, you will need to invite friends to your network. This can be done by inviting friends by clicking on the following link:

Send friends an email. After clicking on the link you will need to input the email addresses of your friends. 

You can click on the friends button you can then have to click on the search button and search for names.

Invite people from other social networks.



Google plus


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