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Why is easy pace learning one of the best sites for learning English?

easypacelearning.com has over 800 lessons and exercises to help you learn the English language. There are free books that you can also and download and use.

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Although we have over 800 English lessons and exercise you might not find what you want to learn about. We promise to make a lesson and upload to the website within 3 days.

Facebook page for learning English

We also have a Facebook page, where we post several times a day to help you with learning English. By liking our Facebook page we can offer you help on whats being posted or by sending us a message.


We are still a new website and have only being making lessons for just over a year. We are constantly trying to improve the site and add new lessons and materials. In the next 12 months we are going to start adding audio for the lessons. 

Free website for learning website

We offer a free service and all we ask is that you tell your friends and like our Facebook page. It is important that anyone that wants to learn English can do for free.

I want English lessons online using Skype

We are starting to teach English using Skype, however due to demand you might not get a free lesson straight away as I also have to teach in a school during the day. 

 One of the best free websites for learning English free online

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