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Learning English on Skype learn English conversation online with Skype

Learning English conversation with a native speaker using Skype

 Learning English conversation online using Skype

Learning English conversation online using Skype how does it work?

There are 3 steps

First step 

The first thing we need to do is discuss what you would like to learn and make a plan. There is no charge for this it is only to discuss with you what you want to learn. 

Contact us by email or the contact form to discuss your lessons requirements for learning English online using Skype

By email easypacelearning.com@gmail.com 

By contact form Click on this link for the contact form

Second step

When everything has been agreed we will check availability of what dates are going to be suitable for me and also yourself.

Third step 

The last step you must pay for your lesson before we can start, using Paypal, as it is the most secure way to pay. 

How much do the English lessons cost on Skype?

 English conversations lessons online with Skype prices

  Length of lesson


  Cost in Euro  





   30 minutes 







   45 minutes







   1 hour







   1 hour 30 minutes 







   2 hour







I don't have a Paypal account

Paypal allow you to pay by credit card or debit card without having to have an account

After and during each lesson

I will give you feedback, encouragement and suggestions to help you learning English. 

Will my teacher be a native speaker from England?

Yes, you will be taught by myself. I come from Manchester in North of England.

How can I ask questions or book my learning English conversation lessons using Skype? 

If you are a new customer, you must use email or use the contact form, so we can discuss what you want to learn book your lessons or ask any questions you might have. 

How to contact us

We have 2 options.

By email easypacelearning.com@gmail.com 

By contact form Click here for a contact from

Frequently asked questions about learning English conversation using Skype

Do I need a webcam for Skype?

No, sometimes the internet connection will to slow and make the cam to freeze. Sometime people might prefer not to use one, it is up to you.

Do I need speakers or headphones for Skype?

Speakers or headphones it doesn't matter without them you will not be able to hear the native speaker.

What if am unable to attend a lesson 

You need to email as soon as possible to re-arrange it. If the lesson has started I will wait online for the full hour as this is your time. Sometimes you might be late so I will always wait online for you. 

What can I do as well as the lessons?

We also have a website for learning English

Easy Pace Learning has over 700 plus lessons and exercises to help you with learning English after your lessons have finished. All lessons and exercises on the website are free for anyone. 

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