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Learning English in Bangkok Thailand learn English vocabulary grammar lessons free online in Thailand

English lessons to help you learning English in Bangkok Thailand

We offer free online English lessons to help you with learning the English Language. There are over 700 lessons and exercises for you to choice from.

Enjoy learning English 

Most of all we want you to enjoying learning English 

How can you help me learning English in Bangkok Thailand?

Anyone from Thailand can use the website. We are based in Bangkok . There are many English lessons and exercises for you to choose from, however if you need help with any English lessons or just have a question about learning English, we will always help you.

Learning English in Bangkok Thailand

Learning English online using Skype in Thailand

We can help you learn English conversation online using Skype. 

How much do the English lessons cost on Skype?

  Length of lesson

  Cost in Euro   

Thai Baht

   30 minutes 



   45 minutes



   1 hour



   1 hour 30 minutes 



   2 hour




For more details on learning English conversation using Skype click on following link

Click here for more details about learning English conversation online using Skype, Yahoo and Google talk

How can people contact you for help?

You can contact us by Facebook, Twitter Google+ or use our contact form. To use one of these, click on the menu at the top or use the following links.

All help on these social sites is free of charge. So if you need any help or have a question please ask on these social networds. We only charge for learning English conversation using Skype.

We will answer all questions within 12 hours normally.

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