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Prepositions English lesson learning what they are. 

What will I learn from the lesson learning what prepositions are?

During the lesson learning what prepositions are, you will learn how to use them when talking about time, place, position and place.

What is a preposition? It is a word or phase that describes the relationship between the object and word.


prepositions the rabbit is in the box


Relationship between the box and the cat.

The rabbit is in the box.

The rabbit is on the box.

The rabbit is within the box.


prepositions the cat is under the chair

Relationship between the box and the chair.

The cat is under the chair.

The cat is below the chair.


the cat is on the box

Relationship between the box and the cat.

The cat in on the box.

The cat is above the box.

prepositions the man is next to the books


Relationship between the books and the man.

The man is next to the books.

The man is besides the books.


prepositions the man is in between the housesRelationship between the houses and the man. 

The man is running between the houses


prepositions the sun is behind the cloud

 Relationship between the sun and the cloud.

 The sun is behind the cloud

 The cloud is in front of the sun


How to use at for a specific place / position.

Mr Bean is waiting at the cafe for you.
You need to wait at the bus stop.
Mrs Bean lives at 10 Downing Street.

Some more examples

The dog sat on the chair.

The birds are on the roof.

I used to live on 10 Downing Street.

The cat is in the garden.

Mrand Mrs Bean are in a taxi.

 Propositions of movement, to, through, across, along, around, past, towards


He ran across the road.
We walked along the pavement.
She ran around the field.
He ran away from the policeman.
He ran back to the shop.
We ran down the hill.
He strolled into the room.
She walked off the stage.
 I walked onto the train platform.
She ran out of the woods.
We drove over the seven bridge.
I ran past the opening to park.
We raced round the race track.
We drove through the tunnel.
She ran to the door.
He ran towards the train station.
We are under the shelter.
 We walked up the hill.

 Learning how to use prepositions about time

preposition         How to use them                                                        Example of how to use                                .                              
on When talking about days of the week on Tuesday we will go to the Docotors

Talking about months/ seasons / time / year  / period of time             

in 1 hour / in September / in 2013 I will be 21
at When describing a  point of time at 9pm we will go to the party / at weekend we like to rest
since Used when describing a certain point of time  since last week I lost 5kg in weight
for Used when describing a certain amount of time for 6 weeks I have stopped smoking.
ago Used when describing a certain time in the past 5 years ago I started learning English
before earlier than a certain point of time before 2004
to Used when to tell the time Quarter  to three (2:45)
past Used when to tell the time five past one (1:05)
to / till / until      Describing the beginning and end of a certain amount of time The shop is open from Monday till Sunday
till / until How long something is going to last She is on sick leave  until next week.
by  latest time you will be back  By 1 o'clock, I was so tired and needed to sleep.

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